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Finding Fulfillment in God

by Pastor Michael Obi | 12/02/2018

The Love of God

by Sr Yinka Oredugba | 11/25/2018

What is Missing from Your Service/Worship to God

by Pastor Emmanuel Ohikhueme | 11/11/2018

Women's Sunday: A Large House

by Mrs Bolatito Ohikhueme | 9/30/18

A Time to Sow and A Time to Reap

by Pastor Michael Obi | 9/23/18

Student-led service: Repentance

by Joel Kolawole | 9/16/18

Spiritual Disciplines

by Pastor Emmanuel Ohikhueme | 9/9/18

A Time of Encounter

by Pastor Michael Obi | 08/26/18

Student-led Service: Prayer

by Kamal Fullwood | 08/19/18

Family Sunday: A Generation Under Attack

by Pastor Wola Ojo | 08/12/18

How to overcome difficulties

by Pastor Michael Obi | 08/05/18

Prayers and Missions

by Pastor Felix Oladejo

Be an agent of change

by Pastor Emmanuel Ohikhueme | 07/01/18

Mother's Day Panel

by Mothers of MZPC | 05/13/2018

Journey of Faith

by Pastor Emmanuel Ohikhueme | 03-25-2018

Guest Sermon

by Rev. Veronica Ebie | 02/25/18

New Years Message

by Pastor Emmanuel Ohikhueme | 01/07/18

Full Demeanor of Christ

by Stephanie Ebisi | 05/21/17

Believing God for Breakthroughs

by Pastor Obi | 04/09/17